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i need to know all about diffraction
Question asked by: ughrasaini

Asked on: 09 Jan 2009

I think diffraction is the name given to what happens to light when it moves from one medium to another.

For instance if it moves from air to water then the light rays change angle which is why things always look nearer than they are in water, like fish for instance. Then again that might be refraction, I always get confused between the two as they sound so similar!

By: artiste
Replied at: 09 Jan 2009
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Comments and other answers:

Diffraction is basically bending of light.
By: pooja.m

Date of comment: Sat, Jul 11th 2009

Diffraction: Diffraction is when a wave goes through a small hole and has a flared out geometric shadow of the slit. Diffraction is a characteristic of waves of all types. We can hear around a corner because of the diffraction of sound waves. For instance, if a wall is next to you when you yell, the sound will parallel the wall. The wall may stop, but the voice doesn't; sound will almost turn the corner of the wall. This is diffraction. Reflection is when waves, whether physical or electromagnetic, bounce from a surface back toward the source. A mirror reflects the image of the observer. Refraction is when waves, whether physical or electromagnetic, are deflected when the waves go through a substance. The wave generally changes the angle of its general direction.
By: Maryleigh

Date of comment: Thu, Mar 5th 2009

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