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Physics Definitions Questions

A ball is kicked along the ground from the origin and travels a distance of 45.5 m at an angle of 11.5ยบ below the x-axis. How far did the ball travel in the x-direction? m.
About one dimentional motion
Can an object have a speed of zero and an acceleration of zero?
Give an example of motion for which both acceleration and velocity are negative?
Is gravitational potential energy an absolute energy?
Is the momentum of fire and gun is same before and after the trigger push?
Northseeking gyro-compass
Physics equation
The amplitudes of wave
We are told that the speed of light is finite. Why? What is it that prevents light speed being variable? Isn't there some evidence to suggest that it has varied over the eons?
What are colours, in the context of particle physics?
What are MACHOs?
What are the alternatives to dark matter and dark energy?
What are the problems with the Big Bang?
What causes the northern lights?
What does WIMP stand for?
What evidence is there for special relativity?
What id the Doppler shift and how it can be used to determine the speed of blood?
What is a boson?
What is a gravitino?
What is a graviton?
What is a hadron?
What is a neutralino?
What is a photino?
What is a cloud chamber?
What is a fermion?
What is a glueball?
What is a neutrino?
What is a prism?
What is a quark?
What is a system of knowledge and the methods used the methods used to find that knowledge
What is Bernoulli's principle?
What is CERN?
What is dark energy?
What is dark matter?
What is diffraction?
What is DOPPLER effect?
What is escape velocity?
What is general relativity?
What is Hawking radiation?
What is meant by retardation and is somehow related with the terms of positive acceleration or negative acceleration ?
What is nuclear fission?what is nuclear fusion?
What is physical absolutism?
What is refraction?
What is scaterring of light into its componet colors ?
What is smell? is it a form of energy?or what makes materials giving different smell?
What is special relativity?
What is Static Friction?
What is the Big Bang?
What is the Bohr model?
What is the Chandrasekhar mass?
What is the cosmological constant?
What is the difference between focus and principal focus
What is the difference between hitting a wall at 100km/h and hitting a car of equal weight travelling at equal speed in the opposite direction?
What is the Doppler effect?
What is the effect on the speed of a fighter plane chasing an another when it opens fire?what happen to the speed of pursued plane when it returns the fire?
What is the effect on the speed of a fighter plane chasing another when itopens fire? what happens to the speed of pursued planes when it returns the fire?
What is the great wall in astronomy?
What is the Hubble law?
What is the measurement problem in physics?
What is the speed and direction of the water current?
What is the Zeeman effect?

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