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Effect on temprature at high altitude

It is said that the temprature of atmosphere decreases at high altitude. But as we move upward ,we get closer to the sun so the temprature must increase. what is wrong with it
Question asked by: zahidphy

Asked on: 25 Feb 2010

What is wrong with that is your assumption that the closer you get to the sun, the hotter you get.

This is not actually true when you are within the bounds of the atmosphere of a planet. Here where you are in the atmosphere of the planet is much more relevant than how close you are to the sun.

Further away from the surface where the gases trap heat and the clouds the same, it quickly gets a lot colder. True, if you are a few million miles from the sun in space then you are hotter than ten million miles away, but when you move a 1000m up there is no difference in global terms in how close you are to the sun but a real difference as to what part of the earths atmosphere you are in.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 27 Feb 2010
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