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Find the number

Three-seventh of a number is 12.find the number
Question asked by: sanjsaga

Asked on: 03 Sep 2009

OK so the first step is to write this as a simple piece of algebra.

This is what that looks like:

3/7x = 12

OK so now we know that we just multiply by 7 and divide by 3 so find the number.

This gives up 12 = 7 = 84 / 3 = 28, so the answer is 28

By: knowitall
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Comments and other answers:

We are looking to find z, where 3/7 of z = 12. I am using the term z instead of the more common term x in order to avoid confusion between the x and the multiplication sign. In order to take 3/7 of z, we simply multiply z by 3/7, which gives 3z/7. So 3z/7 = 12. =) 3z = 7 x 12 [multiplying both sides by 7] =) 3z = 84 =) z = 84/3 [dividing both sides by 3] =) z = 28
By: Wyess.

Date of comment: Fri, Dec 24th 2010

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