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Find the volume

A hallow garden roller 35 cm wide with girth 208 cm made cast iron 3 cm thick. Find volume iron weight roller, if iron weights 8.5gm/cubic cm.
Question asked by: Aditya1211

Asked on: 21 Jan 2010

Volumes are a cubic measure.

Therefore when calculating a volume you need to multiply the three dimensions together.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 21 Jan 2010
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Comments and other answers:

Roller is hollow.So assuming that 35 cm is the outer width, the outer radius will be 17.5cm(R) Given thickness as 3 cm. So inner radius = 17.5-3=14.5 cm(r) Volume = pi x (R squared - r squared) x height Here height = 208 cm. Substitute all the values in formula you will get the volume in cubic cm. Wiehgt of the iron = Volume x 8.5 gm
By: appuswathi

Date of comment: Thu, Jun 10th 2010

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