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Help on gaining weight

hi .. i am 22 yrs old..and i am only 42 kgs.. i am 5.5 by height.... i am a vege, i get hungry soon tat to for one or one and half an hour its nt possible to hav food everytime as i wil b in office.. i cant eat oily food or chocolates as i get very bad pimples :( so pls kindly suggest me something
Question asked by: chandana.

Asked on: 25 Dec 2009

If you want to gain weight then the simple answer is that you need to start eating more calories than you are currently going.

In order to do that in a safe and sensible way it would be worth talking to a nutritionist or a dietician as they can recommend the right sort of foods for you, what quantities you should be eating them and on how regular or not a basis you should be eating them.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 27 Dec 2009
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