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How can god never have begun if yet he is here/alive?

Question asked by: knowitall

This is an interesting philosophical question on the nature of existence, beginning and ends.

If something has existed forever, then logically it does not make sense to talk about its beginning - if it has existed forever there was never a time when it did not exist.

Whether this concept makes sense or is even possible it would therefore seem the answer is simply that - there was no beginning as god has always existed.

By: Unknown
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Comments and other answers:

Blessy, You have made a very thoughtful answer to the question, however there are certain facts you may have overlooked. Can we understand God completly? No we cannot, however we can know how He thinks,how he feels about things and know his purpose. We can come to know him through his son Jesus. Jesus perfectly mirrored his God and father so that thtough him we can "see" God and come to be his friend as did Abraham (... and he came to be called God's friend.’”—James 2:23) Man was created in “God’s image.” (Ge 1:26, 27) He, like all other created things, existed and was created because of God’s will. (Re 4:11) God’s assigning work to him showed that man was to serve God’s purpose on earth. (Ge 1:28; 2:8, 15) According to the inspired apostle, man was created to be both “God’s image and glory” (1Co 11:7), hence to reflect the qualities of his Creator, conducting himself so as to reflect the glory of God. As God’s earthly son, man should resemble, or be like, his heavenly Father. To be otherwise would be to contradict and reproach the divine parenthood of God. God gave Adam the command to "fill the earth and subdu it" Adam and Eve along with their offspring were made to live forever, not just for a while and then go somewhere else. Why would we have the inherent desire to live eternally—forever—if it was not our Creator’s purpose that this desire be satisfied? Would it be loving for him to create us with the desire for everlasting life and then frustrate us by never allowing us to realize that desire? So we can't know God completly but we can have an eterity to know him more and more. (Psalm 37:29) . . .The righteous themselves will possess the earth, And they will reside forever upon it. . . bibleteach@live.com
By: Tetrion

Date of comment: Sat, Jun 29th 2013

Logic tells us that all things (physical) have a begining and an ending. That is part of our makeup we know it to be true. Logic also tells us that there had to be a starting point to all we have come to know. But, take that thought all the way back. Doesn't logic also tell us that something or someone had to be there to start it. If you ask "Who created God?" then you have to ask "Who created the the God who created God?" Logicaly we have to say it started with someone or something haveing already been there. The begining had of necessity a starter to start it all. My personal belief is that it started with God, who had no begining. Even if you do not believe in a "God" you would have to agree that something had to be arround to "start it all up"
By: Tetrion

Date of comment: Sat, Mar 3rd 2012

Well here is the biggest weak point of man...and that is time. When God created man he limited man by time. Man enters the world at a time and leaves it at another time. He does not have any understanding beyond that, he can never thing of a world without time. This gives one of the most important reason why one should worship and praise God, because the Almighty can never be limited by time and therefore by the understanding of man. Our Lord Almighty is beyond all understanding and how can we mere man ever try to understand His existence...this is our foolishness!!!
By: Blessy

Date of comment: Sun, May 10th 2009

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