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Im a christain, my boyfriend is a JW i do holidays he does not should i end it before i fall in love?

Question asked by: knowitall

Only you can decide.

You will need to see if there are insurmountable differences of opinions that will cause too much friction and stop you having a meaningful relationship.

Some say that loves conquers all whilst others believe that some things about us will never change and therefore will stop any possible relationship.

Certainly take a call early doors before you get too involved if you think you can work through your differences then go for it, if not then steer clear.

By: Unknown
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Comments and other answers:

First of all let me be clear, you say he is your boyfriend and he is a Jehovahs Witness and you are not? I must say to you that He is not a Jehovahs Witness. If He was He would not be \"dating\" someone who is not a Jehovahs Witness. Jehovahs Witness do not \"date, go steady\" or anything else unless they are old enough to be married and dating would be with marriage in view. if you friend is dating you and is a Witness then he would be councled by a commitee of Elders because he seems to be leading a double life. I think that he maybe associated in some way with Witnesses (his family possibly) but I doubt He is a baptized Witness.
By: Tetrion

Date of comment: Wed, May 30th 2012

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