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How was planet earth created?

i am doin my home-work and i need to make up a myth about 'how was earth made'? and i don't know where to begin!
Question asked by: bopp xx

Asked on: 14 Nov 2010

Well just get creative, put on some music and come up with some weird and whacky ideas.

It needs to be your creativity so no-one else can really tell you.

But perhaps you could say that an animal had a dream and dreamed about the earth and that made it real.

Or maybe some super-intelligent aliens ran a computer simulation that we interpret as being the earth.

There are loads of possibilities and it should be fun to come up with your own creation myth.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 17 Nov 2010
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Comments and other answers:

Probably the biggest earth creation myth is that the earth and everything on it was made in 7 days. That is harder for me to believe than the earth is sitting on top of four elephants who are standing on top of a large turtle.
By: Tetrion

Date of comment: Sun, Jul 1st 2012

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