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I dyed my hair a dark brown, but after a while it goes a gingery colour, and my natural hair colour is a sort of light brown. How do I get that colour back?

Question asked by: knowitall

This is the dye washing out or the sun bleaching the hair causing the lightening or reddening of the hair dye that made it the dark brown colour.

Just be patient and wait for it to return to its natural colour when all the dye goes, or of course use a dye removal product or shampoo that works well to get rid of dye quicker than it would naturally.

By: Unknown
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Comments and other answers:

I have experienced the same problem before. Usually once a dark brown hair colorant has been applied it is very difficult to get back to the original hair colour (if permanent was used). However,by pre-cleansing-which is a mild version of stripping the hair, it removes the excessive build up of colour back and bringing it to a lighter shade near to your original hair colour.This will however depend on the degree of colour build up on your hair and how dark it it. This would then have to be followed by a tint/toner to neutralise the tones. It is always easier to go darker in colour but to lighten the hair, some form of bleaching is involved depending on the individuals original hair colour. Hope this helps!
By: shazycp

Date of comment: Thu, Oct 30th 2008

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