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I want a really cheesy chat up line - any ideas?

Question asked by: knowitall

Cheesy chat up lines? There are millions of them.

You can get books full of chat up lines!

Here's quite a cheesy chat up line that you can use, though:

There's one less angel in heaven tonight, because she's standing right in front of me right now!

By: Unknown
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Comments and other answers:

Lol we had to find some for an english lesson once (dont ask) wierdest 1 - is that a mirror in your pants? cos i can see myself in them
By: Alexar23

Date of comment: Tue, Dec 4th 2007

Heres a few i've heard lol.. - here's 20p go and ring your mum and say u won't be back 2nite - if i could re-arrange the alphabet i would put U and I together -is your dad an astronaunt cause i can see stars in your eyes -am i walking on clouds cause i feel like i'm in heaven right now - do u know what would look gud on me? you !
By: stacey

Date of comment: Mon, Mar 13th 2006

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