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Is evolution a good theory of the diversity in the world?

Question asked by: knowitall

Not according to creationists, who hold that there is not enough factual evidence to support evolution. Rather they maintain a Biblical view of creation of the earth, by a Creator (God) around 6,000 years ago.

More generally, evolution has encountered problems - great gaps in the fossil record, and then the Cambrian explosion and lack of fossils before that to support the theory. Gradually as more and more fossils are found, it seems to overcome these problems.

Many remain convinced that evolution is a very large part of the truth of how we have got to where we are, but have an inherent sneaking suspicion that there is something else missing, either a fine tuning to evolutionary theory, or another theory that will act as a corollary. Some doubts are over whether there has been enough time for all the diversity we see around us to have occurred, and another doubt is around whether the theory is rich enough or is just too simple in its nature.

By: Unknown
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