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What are the problems with the Big Bang?

Question asked by: knowitall

The Big Bang has been in and out of grace and favour since first suggested. Today most people believe it to be the most likely theory for the origin of the universe, yet the term was originally coined to be ironic and demean the theoretical standing of the theory.

There are problems with the big bang and therefore it may very well not be the whole truth as to the origin of the universe as we know it today.

We need to assume things in the big bang model that may not be the case.

One significant problem is the horizon problem - broadly, that the regions of the sky are too separated to have been able to, loosely, 'talk' to each other and therefore share the same temperature.

So we have to assume the uniformity we cannot explain it, as light speed is finite and therefore could not communicate this across such disparate parts.

Another problem is that of flatness. It seems from evidence that the universe is almost flat: yet if there was a big bang theoretical models show this would be very unlikely and that some curvature would be much more likely.

A third problem is called the monopole problem - a strange name!

Essentially at the conditions very close to the big bang it is though that the forces of strong, weak and electromagnetic forces were combined in the Grand Unifying Theory.

One spin off of this theory however is that it suggests particles called magnetic monopoles should also be created... yet we've never found it. Therefore, where is it?

By: Unknown
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