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What is a homemade solution I could make to spray or rub on furniture to keep my dog off of it?

Question asked by: knowitall

Something that is simple cheap and effective that you can do at home is the following.

Simply place either bubble wrap or even aluminium foil on the sofa or area that you don't want the dog to sit.

This is because they are not fans of either of these too so it should be enough to keep them off.

Of course, prevention is as important as cure therefore you need to train your dog early to respect things like furniture and not jump on it.

You can also distract for instance with some doggy chews always placed on the floor. Never give them treats when they up on the sofa. If there is no incentive for coming up then they will not do it.

By: Unknown
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Comments and other answers:

I think that when you go out you should but some chairs on your sofa nd when you are in everytime your dog gets on give it a good telling off it will soon learn. i good tip is that when you are teling your dog off say one word and then leave it. All your family need to know the one word.
By: Tessie1

Date of comment: Sun, Aug 16th 2009

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