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What is beyond the edge of the universe

Question asked by: knowitall

Beyond the edge of the our percievable universe (its edge)
is the void

the electromagnetic properties of the unverse show space time to curve.
hence light does not escape beyond the edge of your universe because it is self contained and bound by its electro magnetic field which permiates outward in all directions to the limit of its expansion. the expantion of the universe expands within the void itself.
the 3 dimentional universe we experience is as a result of the physical dynamics of this system we have become accustom to and its physical laws which we test every day.
its is assumed like standing on the earth and taking a journey in one direction you will eventual come back to your point of origin.
The same can be applied to the universe with is an inverse of or globe, meaning if we where to take a trip, instead of traveling on and around a globe we would be traveling within a gold fish bowl. and since the gold fish cannot get beyond the bowl we endup going around in circles.
however just because we take basic journey and dont question the event, unlike the goldfish we can manipulate our envoiroment and could percievably make the theoretical journey beyond our universe and through the void and meet up with yet another universe which would have its own physical and dinamic laws either like or unlike our universe.
So how did our universe come to be?
well we all know the big bang theory
what cause it?
We can only speculate it was cause by a much larger event and we are its after effects.
If we could get to that place where it took place our reality would proably be a much different one than we are use to and would not have the phyical properites of our tiny insignificant universe.

By: Unknown
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