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Describe Venus' atmosphere?

Question asked by: knowitall

Venus has a very strange atmosphere, compared with the similar sized planet next to it - Earth.

The atmosphere is virtually all carbon dioxide - in the region of 9%.

The rest is mainly made up of nitrogen.

There is thick cloud made of not water but acids like sulphuric acid - nasty stuff indeed.

The pressure is massive in the atmosphere of planet Venus - indeed Venus would crush us, as it is 90 times that of earth!

The temperature on Venus is also massive, around 500 celsius - even some metals would be liquid on the surface of Venus!

By: Unknown
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It is strange to think that until not so long ago people thought Venus was some sort of heaven and may be most likely to be able to support life, until they realised about the runaway greenhouse effect!
By: stephy

Date of comment: Thu, May 10th 2007

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