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What is meant by truth?

Question asked by: knowitall

What is truth - well that is a deep philosophical question and debate has raged for a long time about this and there are many books on the nature of truth.

For most people, something is true if it is true - which seems to be a tautology and not tell us much.

Many people move to something being true if and only if the majority of people agree that it is true.

For instance if I say 'is there an elephant in my room' and ten people tell me there isn't, then it is false to say 'there is an elephant in my room'.

If I repeat this wil 'is there a television in my room' and the people all agree there is, then it is true that there is a television in my room.

This seems to be about as far as we can get in saying what is true or not.

By: Unknown
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Comments and other answers:

Truth is truth, 1 is 1, truth is pure and is like a print, or a direct copy of what was done or said. with nothing added, and nothing removed. truth is something that hasnt changed from the day it happend, seen or announce for 8 people out of 10 to claim there isnt a elephant in the room, when infact there is.. the 2 people in the room are being truthful, while the other 8 or either blind or liars.
By: tandaman

Date of comment: Tue, Jun 2nd 2009

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