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What is the fate of the universe?

Question asked by: knowitall

The fate of the universe depends on the scientific model or religion you believe in.

If you believe in a particular religion, then it is very likely there will be a statement as to how the world will end.

On the scientific level, theories abound. At the moment research suggests that the universe is expanding and that there are therefore five stages of the universe.

The first of these is the big bang and the period of around 350,000 years after, where matter was condensing and forming.

The next stage which we are in now is the stellarific era. As the name suggests, here we have stars and burning matter giving us the light and other forms of radiation we are so familiar with.

After this period of 100 billion years or so the universe goes into decay, and it all goes black as matter starts to literally break down and decay.

In the fourth stage a really long time in the future, it is predicted that all that would be left are black holes.

After a really extended period even on cosmological scales it is thought that even they will lose their energy and disappear.

All that would be left then is low energy photon particles, whereupon even basic concepts like time would break down and become chaotic, and a world completely unrecognisable from that in which we live comes to being.

By: Unknown
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Comments and other answers:

Question Asked: What is the fate of the universe. Well, I have tried to come to a conclusion about life and after delving into philosophy, I think I was finally able to come up with a suitable conclusion. Now I don't want to ignore the question and answer another one like "should we worry about the fate of the universe" but assuming that we actually want a good educated guess... I will provide it. Life is about whatever defines the word time. As time passes, whether it's 1 minute or 10 years, the only thing you should be concerne about is making sure that the time that does pass has brought you happiness and will bring you happiness in the future. As for the universe, I am sorry to say but my definition of the universe revolves around humanity and I think humanity has zero chance at surviving another 50 years. There are too many variables with nature type disasters and with human error that either we blow ourselves up or we die to a horrible nature caused event. The only thing I will not doubt, is the intelligence of humans. I do believe, that there will be atleast one human that will over-prepare and possibly accomplish a way to preserve humanity. I do however think that for this world to continue living a great loss must occur. People will die and things could get crazy. So enjoy your time and make sure others enjoy their time. Work together, and segregate the people who don't want to play nice. Stick to familiar situations so that guessing isn't needed. The End.
By: Anthony Ross

Date of comment: Wed, Mar 22nd 2006

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