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When will the sun die out?

Question asked by: knowitall

Great question, and the planets and solar system are fascinating but we tend not to ask questions about them.

The answer is that the timeframe for it to die out is approximately 5 billion years from now - so not anything that we or humans will probably ever have to worry about: if we do exist that long we will certainly have evolved into a different species it would seem we are told from history that species constantly change over time and that time frame is so large that humans as we know it would not exist by then.

Note that, interestingly, the suns death will also mean the end of earth as somewhere you can live.

As the sun gets older, it will run out of hydrogen for its standard nuclear fusion reactions.

The sun will grow hotter and will expand and will perhaps even grow so large as to engulf the earth or at least grow massive in the sky and the death of everything on the planet will result.

By: Unknown
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