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Who was the best philosopher ever?

Question asked by: knowitall

The best philosopher ever - well that is a tricky question.

No doubt who you talk to will choose someone from their particular field or someone who they think has had a big impact on thinking.

Do you go for someone from a long time ago who at the time would have been called a philosopher - like Newton - or someone from further back who has also had a massive influence, like Plato, Socrates or Aristotle?

Then again there are many more modern philosophers who have made real contributions to logic and set theory and so on, and others still who have asked many important questions in so many fields.

One name that often crops up among Brits at least is David Hume.

He is well liked for his perceptiveness, and no nonsense arguments that are often simple but elegant.

Many people today still fall down what are said to be Humean lines in their thinking and he also wrote some great works, clear dialogues as well as a very impressive set of history books; in fact often considering himself to be a historian.

Therefore he is one fair name to put forward but really it is so subjective one cannot state with confidence who would be the best philosopher ever!

By: Unknown
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