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Why are my friends being so nasty and critical?

Hi . there this Cute good looking guy in my college who seems to like me. Well he always looks at me but very nervous to approach. It's been a year now since he is been doing it AS I am not showing any interest. But MOST of my friends tell me. "You aren't perfect for him. He requires a better girl than you. You do not match him. We cannot understand what it is that he saw in you that he likes to look at you and show soo much interest. He deserves someone better." Well can you guys tell me, why do girls speak like this? Why do they say you are so simple and he is not perfect for you. He deserves someone better than you? Plzzz tell me as I really feel BAD. I do find myself good. YES I agree the guy is really cute and good looking. BUT Why do they say like that? THANX
Question asked by: shuba8

Asked on: 28 Jan 2009

I know the answers
bcoz the jelous of u
he is your match i can see he loves if its going 1 year
no one cant look other person 1year with out loving him ..
he loves u girl go for it

By: maqsud
Replied at: 10 Feb 2009
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Comments and other answers:

Thanx for your Answer. i did approach him. But the problem howlong do i have to approach him. ALL he does is looking or glancing. But never makes an attempt to approach me. i did speak to him in a friendly manner. and he was very smilie to the point my friend noticed he was only looking and hearing me. But now a days i find him with anaother girl what do ido> he still glances or looks at me sometimes. plzz help me guyz
By: shuba8

Date of comment: Sun, Feb 22nd 2009

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