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Why does 4+2x5=14 ??

I have an arguement with my husband that 14 is wrong. He believes its 30! But I think I remever that in a row or calclation you multiply first before add or subtract.... so I calculated 4+(2x5)....what are the rules?? HELP before we get divorced! haha
Question asked by: ginger

Asked on: 15 Feb 2010

Using bodmas rule any question should be solved in this manner :- 1 bracket b
2of o
3division d
4multiplication m
5 addition a
6subtraction s
and your answer is correct.

By: himmycool
Replied at: 21 Feb 2010
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Comments and other answers:

You are correct - the answer is 14. You must take into account the order of operations. That is, multiplications and divisions are carried out first, additions and subtractions are carried out afterwards (regardless of which order the signs appear in the question). So 4+2x5 should be taken as 4+(2x5) = 4+10 = 14. Your husband would be correct only if the question was altered to read (4+2)x5, which can be taken as either (4x5)+(2x5) or, more simply, as 6 x 5. In either case, the answer would be 30. Hope this helps.
By: Wyess.

Date of comment: Fri, Dec 24th 2010

This depends heavily on how the problem is written. As written in your question, your husband is correct that it is 30; 4+2x5=30. When 4+2=6 than multiplied by 5=30. However, when written like so; 4+(2x5)it becomes a different problem. It then becomes 4+ the total of 2 multiplied by 5 or 4+10 which is equal to 14. Without the brackets around the 2x5 you simply take each calculation in order - so you are really asking what 6x5 is. Hope this helps!
By: dblam1

Date of comment: Wed, Feb 17th 2010

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