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Window Locks

How do I make my windows safe and secure?
Question asked by: DavidMills

Asked on: 18 Jan 2010

To make your windows safe and secure then you need to first of all get new, modern double glazed windows.

Get them refitted if there is any problem with the current ones like there are gaps or something around the edges.

Then you need to ensure that you have good quality window locks too and hide the key and lock them after each time you use them.

If you have particular problems with window security then you could consider some more heavy duty items, for expert advice talk to a window fitting company and say that you need really good window locks.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 18 Jan 2010
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Comments and other answers:

Well, depending upon the location and type of windows on your property, you need to opt for window locks. Sliding windows need to be locked from both the sides while sash windows can be made secure with locking pins and wedge locks too. It would be a good idea to approach your local locksmith for assessing your property and give you the best window security solution while installing it for you.
By: AnnieD

Date of comment: Wed, Jan 20th 2010

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