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Question asked by: rcbgin

Asked on: 29 Jun 2009

Blackbox is the flight recorder and contains lots of useful flight data and information, therefore if there is a problem then the police and accident investigators can use the information on the blackbox to work out what the flight did, any problems and so on.

The blackbox is actually orange - classic quiz question.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 01 Jul 2009
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There are 2 black boxes at the tail region of the aircraft.one records flight parameters eg. flight attitude, altitude,also engine parameters. second one is known as cockpit voice recorder, it records the all conversation going on in the cockpit. they are located at the tail because during crash tail suffers very less damage comparing to other parts. these black boxes can emit signal for 30 days, so that it can be easily get detected after crash. FROM: tauheed08
By: tauheed08

Date of comment: Sat, Mar 27th 2010

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