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Planets And Astronomy Questions

Describe Venus' atmosphere?
Distance of saturn from the sun?
Does Saturn or other moons are related to the word Satellite
How big is Venus?
How does gravity affect life on Pluto?
How hot is the core of Venus?
How hot is the mantle of Venus?
How is saturn like earth?
How is Venus different to earth?
How is Venus like Earth?
How long is a day on saturn?
How long is a year on Saturn?
How many earths can fit into Jupiters great red spot?
How many planets are in the new solar system?
How many planets are now in the solar system?
How many planets are there in the solar system?
Is Pluto really a planet?
Mars is closest to the earth when it is in?
What are good words starting with s,a,t,u,r and n discribing saturn
What are the compositions of neptune?
What are the rings of Saturn made of?
What causes the great red spot of Jupiter?
What effect does the rotation of earth have on the way people measure time?
What features does neptune have?
What is a planet?
What is Jupiter made of?
What is Jupiters ring made of?
What is Pluto like?
What is the Jupiter red spot?
What is the planet Mercury like?
What is the surface of Mars like?
What is the surface of Neptune like?
What is the surface of Saturn like?
What is the surface of Venus like?
What is Uranus like?
What is Venus like?
What makes Saturn different from any other planet?
Which planets in the solar system do not have moons?
Why do so many of the planets have similar rotational patterns ?
Why do some planets have more moons than others?
Why is Venus so hot?

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