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Do humans need art? Is it a " soft option"?

Question asked by: tasnim099

Asked on: 30 Jan 2009

Interesting question.

As to whether humans NEED art, well that is contentious. What we can say is that humans have expressed themselves through art for as far back as we know.

Really basic humans in the past have expressed themselves through cave art and so on, the oldest form of human expression that remains are basic cave paintings found in old caves with dyes from animals and so on.

As for whether it is a soft option, presumably you mean in school? Well, it is not an academic subject, but it takes great skill to be a good artist (unless your trade is 'modern art' in which case you just need to be a good sales person and manage to fool people that the rubbish you create should be taken seriously and is art). But proper art, art that takes talent and skill to create, is indeed not a soft option.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 09 Feb 2009
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