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How to find out what percentage one number is of another number?

For example, what percent is 347 if the main number is 489? To make sure 100% I am phrasing this correctly, if I were to use the same set up as above I would be asking what percentage 50 is if the main number is 100 and the answer would be 50%. Could someone help with the formula?
Question asked by: cordia1982

Asked on: 20 May 2008
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You divide the number in question by 100 and then multiply it by the number you wish to find the percentage of eg 25% of 34 first divide the34 by 100 to get 1% then simply multiply by 25 so your answer is 8.5
By: gearldine
Replied at: 01 Jun 2008
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Profile image! Using your example, take the first number(347) and divide by second 489, then times by 100. 347/489 = 0.709 *100 = 70.9%.
By: penwiz

Date of comment: Sat, Jul 17th 2010

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For example, what percent is 347 if the main 489 Okay this is easy first: 347x100%=34700 than 34700:489=70.96 % ((->that mean 347 is 70.96 percent of 489))
By: kosovar

Date of comment: Sun, Feb 7th 2010

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All you need to do is devide 347 by 489 then times by 100 or if you want a formula a/b *100. if 347 is a and 489 is b
By: stretchy

Date of comment: Mon, Nov 2nd 2009

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