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How can i get rid of my spots?

hi, im 13 and have had spots since ive been 11 please will someone tell me a good cream i can use to get rid of my spots?
Question asked by: bethzbabe

Asked on: 10 Jan 2009

Get a cream that contains something called benzoyl peroxide.

This is pretty much the only ingredient that works. Start with a low concentration then build up if that doesn't work, higher concentration creams will be behind the counter at the pharmacist. Note that this does have a drying effect on the skin.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 18 Jan 2009
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Comments and other answers:

Well try going to the doctor they provide tablets or using clearasil might help try not using make up n clense your face regularly x
By: miintahh

Date of comment: Thu, Jan 15th 2009

Have you tried going to the doctor or using clearasil i just went to the doc n had tablets and advice on how to look after my skin
By: miintahh

Date of comment: Wed, Jan 14th 2009

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