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Spots Questions

Any more ideas on getting rid of spots?
Ever since working out every day my back has been breaking out. What can I do to prevent this and control it?
Hello,im 13 and have had spots for a very long time .. since i was 10. i seem to have tried everything! but nothing works..i really want to get rid of them naturally can anyone help?
Help Me Zap My Spots!
How can I draw attention away from a spot on my face?
How can i get rid of a huge red spot that hurts, that si on the side of my nose within 8 hours ?
How can i get rid of my spots?
How can I get rid of spots?
How can I kill spots quickly?
How can you get rid of spots quickly overnight?
How can you stop spots coming back?
How do i get rid of beauty spots?
How do you get rid of spots Quikly !?
How should i remove black heads appeared on my face because of my oily skin type?
I can't get rid of spots - what shall I do?
I have acne and now look ugly. How to stop the acne?
Is there anything to get rid of spots without buying expensive spot treatments?
I've had spots since i was 10 and i'm now 12 just about 13 and my spots wont go away !! Is there any helpp ??
Spots have knocked my confidence. What can I do?
What can the doctor give me for my spots?
What can you use to get ride of spots?
Which spot remover product works best?

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