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If everybody want the same things - like no war or poverty, why is the world in chaos?

Question asked by: knowitall

Great question. But unfortunately it is the premise of your argument that is wrong.

Not everybody in the world wants these things. Most people do for sure, perhaps 99% of people, but that still leaves a worrying number who do not.

For those who are power hungry or restless there are always incentives to rebel against any system and upheave the status quo.

Tensions between different peoples and different ways of life has also been a major cause of conflict and looks likely to always be the case. It only takes one or two bad eggs to disturb the psyche of a whole nation has history has shown.

If literally everybody did want peace and to be law abiding, then perhaps the world you talk of would be possible, but I don't think that would be a world populated with humans as we know them.

By: Unknown
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