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Christianity Questions

Are woman allowed by scripture to do open air gospel message?
Does God know absolutely everything?
How can I get original Christmas presents?
How do I do the father, son and holy spirit signing myself?
If Jesus is God then why should he pray to his father?
Im a christain, my boyfriend is a JW i do holidays he does not should i end it before i fall in love?
Is it possible to have an all good God when there is evil?
Is it proper to receive communion at a Catholic wedding even if you are not Catholic?
Is the Bible literally true?
My friend says God speaks to him but never to me, why?
What does the old testament teach the new testament ?
What is Christianity ?
What is the full form of " I N R I"
What makes people find God?
Who was the first person to use the word Catholic to describe the Church?
Why do people reject God in their lives?
Women other than Eve.

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