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Is Wales classed as a country, or would Britain itself be the main counrty? If wales like scotland, is not classed as countries what would they be classed as?

Question asked by: knowitall

Yes, Wales is a country just like Scotland is a country. Whilst England has invaded and / or oppressed these countries in the past they are very much that - countries. They have their own national flags remember.
By: Unknown
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Comments and other answers:

It goes even deeper than that. Certainly, Wales is a country like Scotland but, unlike Scotland, within the UK constitutional setup it is a principality while Scotland is a country. The reason for this is historical: it was a prince from Wales, Henry Tudor who became king of England in the 15th century while in the 17th century, it was King James of Scotland who took over the English throne [and not the other way around!]. That's why the eldest son of the monarch is given the ceremonial title Prince of Wales to perpetuate and commemorate Wales's integral part of the monarchy whereas the ruling monarch automatically is King/Queen of both England and Scotland. Yes, all three countries have their own flags and fiercely defend and promote the individual identities. It's ironic that while Wales and Scotland both have recognition in the European union as countries in their own right, England is not accepted as having a separate identity!
By: meatloaf

Date of comment: Tue, Mar 18th 2008

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