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which of the following is NOT considered a type of matter? a. rock b. light c. air d. steam
Question asked by: Roxy13

Asked on: 12 Jan 2010

This is a strange question given these options and wanting to find what's not a type of matter:
a. rock b. light c. air d. steam

But taking them in turn (was this a homework question?)

Rock is not a type of matter, but it is composed of matter.
Light is not a type of matter, but is made of photons, which are a particle.
Air is not a type of matter, but is a mixture predominantly of the gases nitrogen and oxygen.
Steam is not a type of matter, but is water vapour.

So you have a solid, photons, and two gases there. All of which are composed of matter. I think the answer they are probably looking for is light but the teacher has worded the question very badly as none of these are a type of matter, they are all composed of matter.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 13 Jan 2010
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