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My girlfriend keeps at moaning that we're drifting apart, but I'm happy enough?

Question asked by: mrquestion

Asked on: 21 Jan 2010

If two people are in a relationship and one is happy whilst the other isn't then it can be a real cause of strain and confusion.

The fact is that different people expect different things from relationships and also depending what else is going on in their life they focus on it more.

If you are busy with lots of outside distractions then your relationship whilst important won't be the be all and end all.

If she hasn't got much going on or is generally unhappy with other areas of her life then this could impinge on the relationship.

Best thing to do is to talk through and see if you can work out what is causing this and try to resolve it as best you can.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 21 Jan 2010
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