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Seeing in total blackness in low tempratures

why can i see in total blackness when my eyes are exposed to low tempratures in an ice cave, in a walk in freezer or in a blizzard it is like i have lights behind me about the same brightness as a laptop screen colors are normal about the same as any low light conditions this only happens when my eyes are directly exposed to the cold i have experimented in all conditions and it makes no differance wheather the air is moving or not it When any light contamination such as low white ir infrared it interferes with the color and sometimes slightly blurrs the immage Under zero light conditions the immages are sharp as any normal low light conditions I AM LOOKING FOR ANY INFORMATION OR REFERRALS TO ANYONE WHOME CAN PROVIDE INFO ON THIS ACCURANCE
Question asked by: tchelle

Asked on: 18 Jan 2011

If you can see in total darkness where there is no other light source (and hence it really is total darkness) then you are either unique or have a vivid imagination and can't actually see but are projecting images from your mind strongly enough to make it seem real.

If the former then get yourself in front of someone involved in medical science quickly who can verify you have this unique ability of no other human of being able to see in pitch black darkness and you can probably make a lot of money from the talent and exhibiting it etc around the world.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 23 Jan 2011
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