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I\'m 16, sophomore in HS, living overseas. I met this guy last year, his name is Jacob, in science class and I had spanish with him too. So I met him but at the time I was liking a guy for the 4th year (sad, I know) but half way (maybe less then that) I was starting to like Jacob. I was practically friends with his best friend (and my older brother too) and then my best friend is friends with Jacob and his best friend. And now this year rolls along and my best friend left and Jacob is telling me that he wants to move!!!!AGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! He used to live in Sweden and there they play soccer 24/7 and where I live we have one season a year. I think his best friend knows that I like him but IDK!!!!! At the beginning of this year I texted Jacob like EVERY DAY and also his bf. (I LOVE TO TEXT!!!!) But since I don\'t get to talk to him in person I sent him an email cuz he wasn\'t replying to my text messages! He said that he is pulling away from people besides his bf. And I totally understand that since he might be moving but I really like him!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP. A.S.A.P!!! He leaves before August 2010!!!! :\'(
Question asked by: bb.ball:)

Asked on: 25 Mar 2010

If you really like him then you need to tell him that so tht he knows.

He won't be able to guess how you are feeling so he won't know unless you tell him.

And if he moves away either way at least you know if you told him that you did all you could to make it work!

By: knowitall
Replied at: 28 Mar 2010
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