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Rivers And Water Questions

Do fluvial patterns have any effect on road patterns
How are the Mississippi, Nile, and Amazon rivers alike?
How does Niagara falls affect people?
What drains water from the land around it?
What geographical conditions favour agriculture in the ganga brahmaputra plain
What is a constructive wave?
What is a sideways flow of water below the ground to the river channel called?
What is india's holy river
What is the flat land called on either side of a river?
What is the longest waterway in Canada?
What role did the river system in the past as well as the present in the develepment of north america
When was the Panama Canal built?
Where is the highest waterfall in the world?
Which gulf is located between Saudi Arabia and Iran?
Which is the biggest lake in the world?
Which sea does the Thames flow into?
Why is the Red Sea so called?

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Category: geography