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How can we stop our newly adopted cat from ripping our gorgeous 3 cats apart?

Please can someone help. We've adopted a new cat. Gorgeous with humans. All purr and gooey eyed. Introduced him gently to our 3 lovely cats and he proceded to attack each one in turn. They are now traumatised. Afraid to come into the house. Also have 2 Dalmatians. Also terrified of new psycho cat. We've had him neutured. No change. Have never given up on a pet before but this one might have to go. He has spent the first 15 mths of his life in a flat. Never been outside. He'll have a wonderlife with us if we can stop his aggression. Thank you.
Question asked by: carol t

Asked on: 23 Jan 2009

You need to determine what is making the cat act in this way.

Is there some underlying reason?

Might be worth seeing a pet psychiatrist (animal trainer) these people can work with you to work out what is causing the aggression and then resolve it. Are you being too soft on the cat and not making clear the behaviour is unacceptable?

By: knowitall
Replied at: 15 Feb 2009
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