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How do you play codewords?

Question asked by: knowitall

CodeWords has simple rules.

You start with what looks like a crossword grid, except every cell has a number in it, from one to twenty six.

Each number represents a letter of the alphabet from A through to Z. The aim is to work out which number designates each letter of the alphabet.

Thus if you work out that 19 is 'S' then you can go through and mark all 19's as 'S's. Each number codes for exactly one letter only, and each number must code for a different letter.

Often some starter letters are given to help you out and if so you should place these in the grid to start you off.

There are many tactics that you can use to help you solve codewords puzzles, and you will often need a good vocabulary and pay attention to the rules: some puzzles allow proper nouns, place names and so on whilst others may not.

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