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Love and Truth

Can there be true love without absolute truth and honesty, and is an ommission or untold truth equivalent to a lie????
Question asked by: Rakowski

Asked on: 29 Nov 2010

There can be true love without those qualities yes, but there is no doubt that it is probably more common for them both to co-exist together, though there is no inherent contradiction in the one without the other, they are not mutually required.

As for omissions versus lying, this is quite a big area of moral philosophy and there are hundreds of books dedicated to this sort of subject. Opinions vary but the vast majority say no, they are different things. Lying is a deliberate act performed to mislead someone as to the truth. Omission is nothing by its nature, so it cannot be cast as strongly.

There may be circumstances where we omit on purpose knowing someone will draw a different inference but that is still not lying where you actively feed wrong information and leave no room for doubt. In addition we always omit information when talking to others as it is not practical to transmit everything we know or have done to others; you omit what you had for breakfast unless you're a boring person but if that makes the other person think you never eat that is not a lie that is just them drawing an incorrect inference based on incomplete information about you.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 05 Dec 2010
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