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Lychee Tree

I have this leychee seed, but dont know hot to take care of it. Any tips???
Question asked by: mei94536

Asked on: 05 Dec 2009

The best time if you are going to plant a lychee is around Spring, towards the end of the season, this is to ensure that there is no chance of there being a frost which would kill it off.

You need to water it each day or if planting outside water it each day that there is no rain as it requires lots of water and also warmth.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 06 Dec 2009
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To grow a healthy lychee tree, start by planting it in a good location. Lychee trees need full sun so you should plant them away from other large trees and you should plant the trees at least 10 feet away from buildings. Shaded areas of the lychee canopy will generally not produce fruit so if you are planting the tree for it's future fruit production you should pay attention to your tree's level of sun exposure. To provide nutrition to the plant use organic fertilizers that contain compost extracts, seaweed or kelp.
By: sharon01

Date of comment: Mon, May 9th 2011

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