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Major Crush Problem

I really like 2 people in my class, but i'm not sure wat to do. I kinda like the 2nd guy i'm not sure if they like me. i don't really hv the guts to ask them. Different times in this month they both kinda protected me 1st person: prevented his friend teasing me about some other ugly boy liking me 2nd person: prevented me not getting to trouble for being late to class, when my friend was like "um, ur late and u don't have ur book". But, i don't date or anything.
Question asked by: saffy2424

Asked on: 08 Sep 2008

First you have to work out which one you like the best.

Then just ask them out have a conversation in private one to one and see how they feel - this should let you know the answer!

By: knowitall
Replied at: 25 Sep 2008
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