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What does Hell literally mean?

Question asked by: mrquestion

Asked on: 02 Apr 2008

Hell literally means without God.

However there are many interpretations that tend to have images of fire and the devil poking people with anvils, them chained to some horrible crude work device and generally suffering pain etc.

This is all rather medieval and most religous bodies these days play down the idea of hell and its significance to people and their lives.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 02 Apr 2008
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Comments and other answers:

The word “hell” is found in many Bible translations. In the same verses other translations read “the grave,” “the world of the dead,” etc. Other Bibles simply transliterate the original-language words that are sometimes rendered “hell”; that is, The Hebrew she’ohl′ and its Greek equivalent hai′des, which refer, not to an individual burial place, but to the common grave of dead mankind; also the Greek ge′en·na, which is used as a symbol of eternal destruction. However, both in Christendom and in many non-Christian religions it is taught that hell is a place inhabited by demons and where the wicked are punished after they die. This does not harmonize with what the Bible says. There is no fire or torment. It is a place of total inactivity. Eccl. 9:5, 10: “The living are conscious that they will die; but as for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all . . . All that your hand finds to do, do with your very power, for there is no work nor devising nor knowledge nor wisdom in Sheol, the place to which you are going.” (If they are conscious of nothing, they obviously feel no pain.) Ps.146:4: “His spirit goes out, he goes back to his ground; in that day his thoughts do perish. You may be supprised to know that Jesus was in hell as stated at ”Acts 2:25-27, KJ: “David speaketh concerning him [Jesus Christ], . . . Because thou wilt not leave my soul in hell, neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption.” (The fact that God did not “leave” Jesus in hell implies that Jesus was in hell, or Hades, at least for a time, does it not? So as used in the Bible "Hell is just the common grave of mankind. I hope this helps you to see that that God doesn't torture people in a burning Hell.
By: Tetrion

Date of comment: Sun, Jun 3rd 2012

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