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Clothing Stains Questions

How do you get sweat stains off a white blouse?
Cleaning mud off a polyester p.e kit.
Getting tobacco stains out of white jeans
Hi I have a ton of gothic - chrome studded belts - all the studs need cleaning as they have been in storage for a while, what is the best thing to use so I don't damage the leather belts?
How can i get curry stains out of my fav jumper?
How can i get dye off my jeans off my suede boots?
How can I get rid of tough stains?
How can i remove pollen stain from my top, which has already been washed?
How do i get smeared blue tack stains of my clothes?
How do i remove paint from a wool suit?
How do you get nail polish out of a black jumper?
How do you remove tree sap from a suede jacket. It is fake suede made out of polyester.?Thank you.
How to clean dried glue from satin shoes
I had fake tan on my feet and stood on my lovely beige carpet. Any ideas how to get this out?
I went out the other night, and someone was sick on my black suede shoes..how do get it off?
Is a dress of 80% acrylic and 20% wool machine washable?
Poison Oak cleanup problem
Wedding dress has halloween make-up stains, How do I clean?
What is the best way to clean a suede jacket?

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