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Historical Names Questions

Can i please know the top ten revolutionary persons in the world history so far?
Can you tell me, what is the exact controversy over gaza strip?
Describe two way in which geography has influenced the people of south aisa
The Venezuelan-born creole who led the liberation of south america was who?
What did susan B. anthony do?
What did the pendleton act do?
What happened to Napoleon after Waterloo?
What is Custer's last stand?
What was peels brimstone
What was the name of the drummer who kept the beat for the slaves to row to in the galleys?
Where did Caesar land in Britain?
Where did Christopher Columbus land?
Where did Sherlock Holmes live?
Where is William Penn buried?
Where was Nelson born?
Which type of government did Jean-Jacques Rousseau support?
Who are the top ten bravest ,strongest ,courageous persons in the world history so far?
Who is Grandma Moses?
Who ordered the cherokee to be removed?
Who was Akbar?
Who was Benedict Arnold?
Who was Clive of India?
Who was Hereward the Wake?
Who was Joan of Arc?
Who was Karl Marx?
Who was Kublai Khan?
Who was Le Douanier Rousseau?
Who was Montezuma?
Who was Rommel?
Who was Stonewall Jackson?
Who was the Sun King?
Who were the Medici?
Who were the Tolpuddle Martyrs?
Who wrote the Iliad?
Why did Hancock say he made his signature so long?
Why is Daniel Webster featured in news papers across the country?
Why is Pocahontas famous?
Why was Francisco de Orellana?

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