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How did life start on earth?

Question asked by: knowitall

That's a great question and we don't know the answer for sure, at least the detail.

One thing we know for sure (apart from the most sceptical philosophers) is that somehow life did begin on earth - the evidence for that is simple enough - we are here now!

One possibility is that the building blocks of life arrived on a comet from somewhere else in the universe that is or was incredibly conducive to life.

The most widely held opinion is that life started on earth in the primitive oceans, several billions of years ago.

Broadly the idea is that the sun gave the energy needed for complex hydrocarbons to form and for chemicals to react in water to produce basic amino acids and then full blown proteins.

Over time these strands reproduced themselves, over billions of years getting more complex, forming cell based life and moving out of the ocean.

Exactly how this happened is unknown, but lab conditions can be set up to simulate potential early conditions and lead to the forming of basic amino acids.

By: Unknown
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