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Energy Questions

A 83.3 kg solid cylinder, 2.93 m long and with an end radius of 3.7 cm, stands on one end. How much pressure does it exert? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . Answer in units of kPa.
Any examples when energy is convert into matter?
Blazing spike ball
Can all energies be converted into Mechanical Energy?
Do cold objects contain heat energy. Explain
Does a cup of water boil at a different temperature than a large soup pot of water. Explain
Firework sparks hurt relative to tea?
How can water be boiled in a papercup?
How can we convert energy into mass?
How do i find pressure
How/Why does Heat create kinetic energy in molecules of an object?
If a boulder fells off a cliffit would lose all its potential energy when it lost its height, and it would losee all its kinetic energy when it hit the ground and stopped moving. If energy is always conserved and can never be created or destroyed, where d
If warm air rises, which it does, then why is it cold at the top of a mountain?
In what ways can we observe a transfer of heat
Joule-Kelvin effect
Mechanical Energy must start with a Potential Energy?
Relation between work and force
There is a post of boiling water on a stove. Someone turns the burner knob from medium to high. What happens to the temperature of the water?
True or False. If you don't stir a liquid or a gas, then they are not moving. Explain
What is happening to temperature while ice is melting to become water. Explain
What is happening to temperature while ice is melting to become water? explain.
What is thermionic
What was the magnitude of the applied horizontal force?
Which contains more thermal energy, an iceberg or a litre of hot water. Explain
Why a glass slips from our hands if we hold it with soapy water
Why ball thrown upwards from the person standing on the top of moving train falls behind the person and not in the person's hand?
Why does a wind-powered generator not produce carbon dioxide?
Why melting and boiling are isothermal process
You have two identical beakers of water, A and B. If twice as much heat is transferred or added to beaker A, which beaker will have the highest temperature, Explain

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