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Miscellaneous History Questions

Explain the thinking behind the protest no taxation without representation?
Five major european powers from 1815-1847?
Help please
How did individuals, groups and institutions respond to the changes brought about by the depression of 1929-32?
How did religious beliefs change in the 16 and 17 century
How did the smuggling courts created by the Sugar Act differ from the regular courts?
How did the urban political bosses control theit cities?
How do historians find history
Importance of understanding 'time' when studying history
Making Inferences
Man passed fromfood-gathringstage tofood producing stage in the
One of the most important factors binding Americans from different colonies into a single political culture was
Sources of history
The commencement of a transcontinental railway was an incentive for which province's entry into Confederation in 1871?
Wat is the longest river in brazil?
What are Artesian wells?
What are the heights of Abraham?
What are the two continents in the world with the largest land areas?
What did european states hope to gain from the various wars of the 18th century?
What do hindus call the soul?
What does it mean to be a Canadian citizen?
What factors made european exploration possible?
What happened to the Aborigines?
What is Hara-Kiri?
What is karma?
What is Keelhauling?
What is the capital of the Silver Keys
What is the stabilization act of 1942?
What is West Point?
What trib founded sheep ranching
What was the auto-da-fé?
What was the impact of swadeshi n boycott movement in the freedom struggle of india.
What year did the Edmund Fitzgerald sink?
When did Hamlet live?
When did the Vikings find America?
When is pumice formed?
When was blood letting common?
Where did dodos live?
Where is Golgotha?
Where is the tomb of Tutankhamun?
Which is the oldest republic?
Who are Mercenaries?
Who is Francis Scott Key's ninth great nephew.
Who said, Give me liberty or give me death
Who were the Aztecs?
Whose name was muhammad bin sam
Why are assassins so-called?
Why can the american revolution and the french revolution be regarded as anachronisms?
Why do we have a moon?
Why is Botany Bay famous?
Why is South America largely Catholic?
Why were slaves taken to the West Indies?

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