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The Elements Questions

highest ionization energy
Carbon and Elements
Describe the structure of aluminium metal and explain why it conducts electricity?
Inner transition element
Lowest ionization energy.
Technique used such as Filtration,distillation,crystallization, or extraction
Transition element
What is buckminsterfullerene?
What is caesium?
What is cobalt used for?
What is the name of ana alkaline earth metal in period 3 ?
Where is cobalt used?
Which is the most costly metal?
Which is the rarest element on earth?
Why are noble gases so stable?
Why are noble gases so unreactive?
Why are some elements more reactive than others?
Why does copper turn green?
Why is gold so expensive?
Why is mercury a liquid at room temperature?
Why oxygen is a divalent element whereas sodium is monovalent element?

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