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Chemistry Exam Questions Questions

how is the father of chemistry?
Disadvantages of ion exchange resins
Electron affinity
Explain why automobile maker might want to replace steel parts with plastic parts?
How many radial nodes?
Natural cycles of the environment
The oxidation number of Cl in ClO3- is a) -1 b)+7 c)+5 d)+3 e)none of the above
What are IUPAC rules of nomenclature for alkanes?
What are the three most abundant hexoses?
What happens when salt is dissolved in water?
What is alchemy?
What is an alkyl group?
What is an example of a congener of sulphur?
What is butyl acetate, and what it is used for?
What is deuterium?
What is Downward Displacement of Water?
What is hygroscopy?
What is meant by chemistry?
What is significance of boiling point and melting point,explain
What is the theoretical yield of NaHCO3 in grams?
Why do we prefer white cotton clothes in winter while dark woolen cloths in winter ?
Why does all the water of the earth not get evaporated during hot summer days?

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